Project Builder

by mob-sakai

A tool for easy automating and customizing build process for Unity.

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A tool for easy automating and customizing build process for Unity.


  • Build target
    • Build artifact is generated in <project_dir>/build directory or file.
  • Company name
  • Product name
  • Application identifier
    • (Android) PackageName
    • (iOS) BundleIdentifier
  • Development build option(Development & Script debugging)
  • Defined Symbols
  • Enable/Disable scenes in build
  • Application version
  • Internal version
    • (Android) BundleVersionCode
    • (iOS) BuildNumber
  • Android platform support
    • Keystore infomation
  • iOS platform support
    • XCode modifier
      • Languages
      • Frameworks
      • Services
      • Entitlement file
    • Signing & Provisioning profile
    • Generate exportOptions.plist
  • AssetBundle build support
    • Supports options
    • Build artifacts are generated in <project_dir>/AssetBundles directory.


  • Unity5.3+
  • No other SDK


  1. Download ProjectBuilder.unitypackage and install to your project.
  2. From the menu, click Coffee > Project Builder
  3. Input build configurations...
  4. Click buid button
  5. Build artifact is generated in <project_dir>/build directory or file.

Usage in commnad-line

  • The ProjectBuilder is accessible from the command line.
    It is useful when using CI tools such as Jenkins.
  • The following command option executes the build with the specified builder.
    -batchmode -buildTarget <ios|android> -executeMethod Mobcast.Coffee.Build.ProjectBuilder.Build -builder <builder_name> [-devBuildNumber <number>] [-appendSymbols 'INCLUDE_SYMBOL;!EXCLUDE_SYMBOL;...']

  • For example, The following command option executes the build for iOS with 'Develop_iOS' builder asset, with DEBUG_MODE symbol.
    -batchmode -buildTarget ios -executeMethod Mobcast.Coffee.Build.ProjectBuilder.Build -builder Develop_iOS -appendSymbols DEBUG_MODE

Note: DO NOT USE -quit option.
For other infomation, see this link :

Usage in Unity Cloud Build

  1. Type Mobcast.Coffee.ProjectBuilder.PreExport in Advanced Settings -> Pre-Export Method Name.
  2. Builder asset used for building will be selected automatically based on build setting label.
    For example, a build setting labeled 'Develop iOS' selects 'Develop_iOS' builder asset in project.

How to add a platform to build?

  • Implement IPlatformSettings interface as following for platforms you need.
  • Add System.Serializable attribute to the class to be serializable.
public class PlatformSettings_WebGL : IPlatformSettings
    public BuildTarget platform{get{ return BuildTarget.WebGL;}}
    public Texture icon{get{ return EditorGUIUtility.FindTexture("BuildSettings.WebGL.Small");}}
    public void Reset(){}
    public void ApplySettings(ProjectBuilder builder){}
    public void DrawSetting(SerializedObject serializedObject){}

How to customize the builder for your project?

  1. Click Create Custom Project Builder Script
  2. Implement the script.
    The serialized field is not only displayed in the inspector, it can also be used in PostProcessBuild as following. image
    protected static void OnPostProcessBuild(BuildTarget target, string path)
     CustomProjectBuilder current = Util.currentBuilder as CustomProjectBuilder;

Release Notes


  • Fixed: Build button for AssetBundle is not displayed.


  • Feature: Build AssetBundle.
    • Supports options.
    • Build artifacts are generated in <project_dir>/AssetBundles directory.


  • Fix: 'Usage For CUI' was corrected.
  • Fix: Util.projectDir has error after compiling.
  • Fix: (iOS) When 'Automatically Sign' is enabled, ignore 'Provisioning Profile Id', etc...


  • Feature: Supports WebGL.
  • Feature: Supports other platforms by implementing IPlatformSettings interface.


  • Feature: Supports Unity Cloud Build.
  • Feature: Enable/Disable scenes for build.


  • Obsolete: Obsolete 'Custom build pipeline' to simplify.
  • Obsolete: Obsolete 'Generate CUI command' and explain it in Readme instead.
  • Obsolete: Several CUI command options.
  • Obsolete: Several BuildOptions.
  • Feature: (iOS) Supports language options for XCode.


  • Feature: (iOS) Supports XCode 8 & Automatically Sign.
  • Feature: (iOS) Add framework options.
  • Feature: (iOS) Add entitlement file.
  • Feature: (iOS) Apple servises (iCloud, Push, GameCenter, etc...) can be enable.
  • Fix: Inspector GUI.


  • Supports Unity5.5+.
  • Improvement: Setting items are simplified. Several items have been deleted.
  • Feature: Add button to 'Build & Run'.
  • Feature: (iOS) Generate 'exportOptions.plist'.
  • Fix: Generated CUI command is incorrect.


  • Feature: Manage build configuration with builder asset.
  • Feature: (Android) Keystore information.
  • Feature: Custom build pipeline.
  • Feature: Export BUILD_VERSION for CI.