Chrome App Builder

by iBicha

Chrome app builder is an editor extension for Unity3D to export games as google chrome apps.

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Disclaimer: Google is trying to get rid of Chrome apps on Windows, OS X and Linux in favor of webapps and Chrome extensions. The best use of this editor extension is for targeting ChromeOS which "will remain supported and maintained for the foreseeable future."
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Chrome App Builder

Chrome app builder is an editor extension and API for Unity3D to export games as google chrome apps. It is designed to look just like the build settings of other platforms.

How does it work?

Mostly, it is based on the webgl player of unity, which means the WebGL module for unity needs to be installed. Combined with a template, and and an extension to fix the chrome related stuff, and it's all good. In addition, it offers an API to access chrome functions from within unity.


Just add the content of the assets folder into the assets folder of your project. Choose "window -> chrome app builder" to access the different settings and the build button!

Is it on the asset store?

No, but it should be. I guess i should do that, soon?


You need unity3d installed (5.3 and above recommended you probably need the latest version, since Chrome app builder uses private unity apis that keep changing all the time, and we try to keep up and update it. so best way is to test.) with unity webgl module. And of course, you need google chrome on your computer.

Last commit worked with: Unity 5.6.1f1


  • Fix template manager so it works EXACTLY as the internal unity template manager
  • Add demo scene (one that doesn't suck)
  • Implement getAuthToken
  • Add more chrome APIs (Native sockets, In-app purchase and so on)
  • Add a setting for facebook and instagram client id (currently need to set in the code) and maybe add more social media and such
  • Create good documentation
  • Create a permission and a minimum chrome version detector
  • Other fixes are to be made. TL;DR




Pull requests are welcome.