Ar Kit For Unity

by Mikerr1111

Plugin gives access to ARKit features like world-tracking, live video rendering, plane estimation and updates, hit-testing API, ambient light estimation, and raw point cloud data.

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ARKit Plugin for Unity

arkit unity

ARKit Plugin is a Unity project that you can load up into any Unity version that is later than v5.6.1f1. The Unity project contains the plugin sources and some example scenes and components that you may use in your own projects.

The plugin is open sourced and is released under the MIT license.


Unity v5.6.1 or later

Requires iOS 11 or later

Requires XCode 9 beta or later, with iOS SDK that includes ARKit Framework

Requires iOS device that supports ARKit (iPhone 6S or later, iPad (2017) or later)

ARKit in XCode 9

arkit-101 arkit2

iOS Build Settings in Unity


ARKit ARBallz Scene Example


3D Models for AR Projects

A few screenshots of the 12 3D models (located in the 3D Models folder), which you can use in many different AR projects. All 3D models are in the required .dae file format AKA Collada.