Unity Entitas Infinite Runner

by Milambeer

Little game with unity and entitas in c#

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Unity and Entitas infinite runner

Game Pause Death

This project aims to show integration of entitas within a small unity project.

The game features are:

  • Infinite spawn of objects that player must avoid
  • User loses when he collides with spawnable objects and floor
  • Pause menu
  • End game menu to relaunch the game


  • Clone the repository
git clone [email protected]:Milambeer/unity-entitas-infinite-runner.git
  • Open the root folder as a unity project

  • Run !

Technology overview

Unity is a great game engine, but making games with it can be really painful when the project grows in size and/or other people join it. The base code becomes harder to maintain and improve.

That is why I choose to learn Entitas which is an Entity-Composent-System framework that organizes the project in a more readable way and uses the power of Entity/Composition pattern to build it.


If you want to contribute to add features or fix bugs, feel free to make your changes and send me a pull request!

About me

I am a french software engineer. If you want to know more about me, you can do it through these links: