Swiss Army Lib

by ArchonInteractive

Collection of helpful utilities we use in our Unity projects.

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Please note this library is under construction, and the API is definitely not stable. Also some things might currently be untested and broken.

SwissArmyLib is an attempt to create a collection of useful utilities primarily intended for Unity projects, but feel free to rip parts out and use them for whatever you want.

A very important part in the design decisions of this library was to keep the garbage generation low. This means you will probably frown a little upon the use of interfaces for callbacks, instead of just using delicious delegates. It also means using the trusty old for loops for iterating through collections where possible.

There's a lot of libraries with some of the same features, but they're often walled off behind a restrictive or ambiguous license. This project is under the very permissive MIT license and we honestly do not care what you use it for.


  • Events
    • Uses interfaces instead of delegates to reduce garbage
    • Can be prioritized to control call order
  • Timers
    • Supports both scaled and unscaled time
    • Optional args to pass in
    • Also uses interfaces for callbacks to avoid garbage
  • Automata
    • Finite State Machine
    • Pushdown Automaton
  • Pooling
    • Support for both arbitrary classes and GameObjects
    • IPoolable interface for callbacks
    • Timed despawns
  • Service Locator
    • A simple implementation of the Service Locator pattern
  • Gravity
    • Flexible gravitational system
    • Useful for planet gravity, black holes, magnets and all that sort of stuff.
  • Misc
    • Shake
      • Useful for creating proper screen shake
    • Lazy<T>
      • A backport of System.Lazy<T> from .NET 4.0+
    • Some niche collection types
    • A few other tiny utilities


There's currently no downloadable binary, but you can either build it yourself or just copy the files into your Unity project.




Pull requests are very welcome!

I might deny new features if they're too niche though, but it's still very much appreciated!