Waypoint Maker

by plyoung

This is a simple tool for laying out and using waypoints in Unity

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This is a simple tool for laying out and using waypoints in Unity. It also features an option to quickly lay out a simple grid of connected nodes or a street type grid layout of nodes.


Add Component > Navigation > WaypointMaker Path component to a GameObject.

Now you can hold Ctrl+Help and click in the scene to add nodes to the scene. You can select an existing node in the scene and then click on another while holding Ctrl to make a link from the one node to the other.

Hold Shift and drag over several nods to select them all. Use the movement gizmo to move selected nodes. Use Del to delete selected nodes.


The sample scene shows the use of a grid of nodes and includes path finding in the vehicle component (script) to show how you might possibl use and navigate the grid of nodes.


The Path component simply holds a list of all the nodes. To find a node (PathNode) you may use Path.GetNode(node_id) where node_id would be the same as the id presented in the Inspector when you have a node selected.

The PathNode has the node's id and position information. It also has a list of node IDs in outNodeIds. This list tells you what links this node has towards other nodes. Note that this is a list of IDs, not indices into the list of nodes in the Path object. So to get the actual node you would still use Path.GetNode().

There is however also a list of indices generated at runtime during Path's Awake(). This is stored in PathNode.OutNodeIdx for each node and could be used as a faster way of getting node info than using the ID lookup.

The node ID will never change, even if you add or remove more nodes to the path. The IDX will differ depending on how many nodes are in the scene and in what order they appear in the Path.nodes list.