Unity Games

by BradTu

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This repository contains two games made in the Unity game engine. Both are 2D games. All of the code and art is by Brad Tully. The sounds were acquired from the website http://freesound.org/ .

Parasitic Passage

In this game the player controls a parasite. The goal is to infect every bug in the level before the timer runs out.


Move with WASD

Space bar shoots the parasite in the direction you are facing unless noted otherwise.

Bugs and Abilities:

Fly: Can fly and shoots the parasite downwards exclusively. Gets caught in webs.

Bee: Can fly. Gets caught in webs.

Spider: Can spawn webs that it can climb on by left clicking the mouse on the screen. Can catch flys and bees in the webs.

Termite: Can walk/ climb through trees and wood.

Ant: Can walk through the ground.

First scene of game is "Start Screen" everything else loads in order.

Start Screen

Alt text

First Level

Alt text

Rules Page

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Pacific Pollution

This game is supposed to be a statement on the pollution of our oceans. It starts with on a screen with a top down view of the ocean with trash floating. The player picks up as much as possible before the time runs out. The amount of trash determines how much trash will spawn in the second scene. The second scene is an "endless runner" where the player controls a turtle using the up and down arrows or 'W' and 'S', and tries to avoid eating trash. If the turtle eats 5 pieces of trash it dies and the game ends. As it eats trash it slows down. Also the trash is shown inside the turtles stomach in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Start Screen

Alt text

Level One (Picup Scene)

Alt text

Level Two ("Endless Runner")

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