Hidden Crystal Unity Project

by magicCoconut

game design

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Hidden Crystal User Manuel

(c) AG Team

Based on Version 1.0.0

Project Team

  • Yudi An

    Developer \ Tester \ Graphic \ Debugger\ Documentation


  • Zican Gong

Tester \
Storyteller \
Graphic Designer \

Recommended Requirements

CPU: 2.0GHz i3 Dual Core or equivalent


OS: Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.8+, GNU/Linux kernel 2.6.18 or later

Video Card: Yes

Sound Card: Yes

Free Disk Space: 500 MB

Introduction to The Game

This game is a strategy game. Each player has a clan of wizards and needs to control them to find the opposite clan’s energy crystal so that a ritual can be hold to destroy the crystal. The game uses traditional way like playing Chinese Checker to control each wizard to move on the map. Players will be responsible for macro manage: exploration towards the unknown area to find the crystal and race competition to gather around the crystal and micro manage: assignment of wizards. The purpose of the game is to break the enemy’s crystal, a magical source to provide living energy.

Game Terms


in order to move the pieces on the map, the player need to firstly right click the piece and then right click the place they want to move. The pieces can only move to its neighbour area.


Players take turns when playing. During each turn, a player can only move one step. For demonstration, all the players will play on the same host.


During every turn, each player can choose a place to explore by clicking that place.

Download the Game

To download our game please visit


Start the Game

This game is build by Unity and no installation procedure is needed before running the game. Just unzip the downloaded game package and double click the main program, the game will run.

Screen Resolution Choice

1024 * 640 and other 16:9 screens with higher resolution are suggested.

Exit the Game

During the game session, players can press [esc] at any time to exit the game. All the user data of current session will be lost.

Victory Conditions

The first player destroys the opponent’s crystal achieves the victory. Since there is a limited number of turns in game setting where number of summonses at the particular turn decides winner, the game will always end.