Dog Food Con 2017

by mcknz

Slide deck and demo app from Dog Food Conference 2017 talk "Unraveling Realities: Building HoloLens Apps With Unity & C#"

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This repo contains supporting material for the Unraveling Realities session presented at Dog Food Conference 2017 on October 6, 2017.

Dog Food Conference 2017

DogFoodCon is a two day event in Columbus, Ohio, focused on Microsoft tools and technologies including .NET, Azure (Running JAVA, Ruby, Python, Red Hat Linux, and other open source technologies), Business Applications (O365, SharePoint, etc.), Design, Development, Infrastructure, Open Source Integration, Professional Skills, Security, SQL, Windows, and more.

Unraveling Realities: Building HoloLens Apps With Unity & C

Confused by realities virtual, augmented, and mixed? As we discuss what these mean, you’ll learn how to build a personal reality for HoloLens. You don’t even need a device to get started — create an experience with Unity 3D, enhance it with C#, and deploy to the HoloLens emulator in Visual Studio.


Slide deck from the Unraveling Realities session.


Unity project that retrieves the current weather information and displays to the user as 3D text. See the file inside the directory for additional information.