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2D bossfight platformer. Made by Knut

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3D dogdge-the-bullet game made in Unity.

GIF of DOX main menu

In the game you are presented with a sculpture up front. Your goal is to defeat it, but it will not go out without a fight. Projectiles and waves are fired towards you, as a counter attack you can launch a burst bubble that reflects projectiles, but only once you've collected the zones. Try set a record and challenge your friends to beat it!

Play online

You can play the game using your web browser via WebGL at the following link:


Latest (v1.3)

Windows 32-bit 64-bit
OS X 32-bit 64-bit
Linux 32-bit 64-bit
Android Gingerbread (2.3.1) and later

All versions

All versions can be found at the releases tab:
DOX - Releases