Unity Windows Mr 3d App Launcher Sample

by if1live

( Crawled 2 months ago )



I don't know how to use blender. So, I use unity to make 3d app launcher.


optimize model

To optimize model, I use Simplygon.

  1. Install SimplygonSDK. Get form Simplygon.
  2. Download simplygon unity plugin. Get from Simplygon.
  3. Make unity project.
  4. Import downloaded simplygon unity plugin.
  5. Import model.
  6. Use simplygon to optimize model.

export from unity

To export model, I use UnityFBXExporter.

  1. Import UnityFBXExporter
  2. Export optimized model, Assets -> FBX Exporter -> Only GameObject.

import to blender

In UnityFBXExporter readme,

Export to Blender

Blender 2.70 doesn't take ASCII FBX files.
So you'll need to download the converter from the FBX site.
Then convert it to a binary file and then import it into blender.
Because the relative texture names are correct, blender will import your albedo and normal texture. 
Pretty neat!
  1. Install FBX Converter
  2. Convert exported fbx.

export from blender

  1. Install blender
  2. Install glTF-Exporter
  3. Import converted fbx file.
  4. Export fbx to glTF.
  5. With glTF Viewer, you can view glTF.

add 3d app launcher into appx

  1. build unity project.
  2. copy glb file into visual studio solution.
  3. glb property : 빌드작업=내용. (build...=content)
  4. modify Package.appxmanifest
  5. build and test