4 Argon Assault

by CompleteUnityDeveloper2

Detailed 2D UI, Unity's TileMap, sprites, collisions, enemy waves. C# classes, coroutines, delegates, lists and more. (Ref: AA_CU2)

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Complete Unity Developer 2.0 - Section 4 - Argon Assault.

This is the long-awaited sequel to the Complete Unity Developer - one of the most successful e-learning courses on the internet! Completely re-worked from scratch with brand-new projects, our latest teaching techniques,. You will benefit from the fact we have already taught over 250,000 students game development, many shipping commercial games as a result.

You're welcome to download, fork or do whatever else legal with all the files! The real value is in our huge, high-quality online tutorials that accompany this repo.

By In This Section

Instantiating At Runtime, Make Components Communicate, Create Detailed 2D UI, Use BitBucket, Using Virtual Controls, Craft C# Classes, Customise Particle Effects, Player Power Ups & More (REF: AA_CU2)

How To Build / Compile

This is a Unity project. If you're familiar with source control, then "clone this repo". Otherwise download the contents, and navigate to Assets > Levels then open any .unity file.

This branch is the course branch, each commit corresponds to a lecture in the course. The current state is our latest progress.

Lecture List

Here are the lectures of the course for this section...

1 Welcome To Section 4

  1. This game is based on classics like Star Fox and Panzer Dragoon.
  2. We will be using Unity 2017's brand-new Timeline facility.
  3. This will be fast-paced fun rail-shooter.

2 Argon Assault Game Design

  1. A quick look at an example of a Rail Shooter.
  2. What are our core game features and priorities?
  3. Creating a prototype to answer key questions.

3 Update Unity & Create Project

  1. Update to at least Unity 2017.2.
  2. Create a new 3D project.
  3. Set up your repo.

4 Create Terrain

  1. Add terrain to your level.
  2. Use the raise and lower terrain tool to make mountains.
  3. Resize and reposition the terrain.

5 Texture The Terrain

  1. Find texture assets on the Unity Asset Store.
  2. Add terrain texture, change scaling, change metalic and smoothness.
  3. Bump Maps versus Height Maps versus Normal Maps.

6 Add A Skybox

  1. Procedural versus 6-sided skyboxes.
  2. Applying skybox asset to your scene.

7 Add Player Ship

  1. Some performance tweaks to help avoid slowdowns.
  2. Downloading asset pack for space ship.
  3. Building modular spaceship.

8 Playing Music Between Scenes

  1. Ben's "loop injection" method for persistent music.
  2. Using DontDestroyOnLoad()
  3. Setting the scene with background music (BGM).