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A Unity Rubiks Cube Game

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A Unity Rubiks Cube Game

How To Play

Select a Cube and the number of random scrambles to start with. You can also set if the timer should countdown and if so, for how many seconds. After the time is elapsed you have lost the game. If you don't set the timer, then it will count up indefinitely.

When you hit start the cube will scramble the specified number of times. After you hit "Go!" the timer will start and the controls for the cube are enabled.

You can orbit the camera around the cube holding the right mouse button. Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel. Click on an arrow handle to rotate theselected column on the corresponding axis in the spefified direction. To view a different set of arrow handles you have to rotate the camera.

When the cube is solved, the countdown is elapsed or you hit the button "Give up" the game ends and you can start over with a new configuration or exit the game.


Builds are put in the Binary folder.

Unity Version

  • Made with Unity Version 2017.2.03f
  • Asset Store Items Include Standard Assets, Text Mesh Pro and Post Processing Stack.
  • Sound assets are taken from

Everything else is made by me.