Azure Functions Demo

by Unity3dAzure

Unity project using Azure Functions

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Azure Functions demo for Unity

Contains a Unity 2017 project featuring Azure Functions demo scene.

External dependencies

First download the required dependencies and extract the contents into your Unity project "Assets" folder.

:octocat: Download instructions

This project contains git submodule dependencies so use: git clone --recursive

Or if you've already done a git clone then use: git submodule update --init --recursive

How to setup Azure Functions with a new Unity project

  1. Use the git CLI to download submodules into project or manually download dependencies AppServices and REST Client into your Unity project's Assets folder.
  2. Create an Azure Function App
    • Create an HTTP Trigger function. Azure 'hello' function
  3. Copy & paste your Azure Function details into the Unity.
    • Enter your account, name and code. Azure Function details in Unity

Minimum Requirements

Requires Unity v5.3 or greater as UnityWebRequest and JsonUtility features are used. Unity will be extending platform support for UnityWebRequest so keep Unity up to date if you need to support these additional platforms.

Supported platforms

Intended to work on all the platforms UnityWebRequest supports including:

  • Unity Editor (Mac/PC) and Standalone players
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

Beta version

This is a work in progress so stuff may change frequently.

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