Vr Rube Goldberg

by moyicat

Solution for the Rube Goldberg Challenge in Udacity's VR Nanodegree program

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VR Rube Goldberg Challenge

This is a course project in Udacity's VR Nanodegree program.

It's a game where the player need to guide a ball through all the collectable stars and reach the goal by building a series of physical structures.

The ball can only be launched from the platform (otherwise the collectables will disappear).

There are four possible building blocks (box, plank, metal plank, and trampoline). There's no limit to the number of them.


  • Unity 2017.1.0p4

  • SteamVR SDK

  • Build for HTC Vive

How to Play

As required by the course material, this is how you can play the game.

  • Navigation - Left Touchpad
    • Press down on the left touchpad to see a ray caster and a teleportation indicator.
    • Release the left touchpad to teleport.
  • Structures - Right Touchpad
    • Touch the right touchpad to show building structures
    • Click left and right on the right touchpad to browse through all the available structures
    • Press the right trigger while touching the right touchpad will add the current structure to the scene.
  • Grabbing and Throwing - Trigger
    • Use either trigger button to grab the ball or the structure blocks.
    • If the user is grabbing the ball, releasing the trigger will throw the ball.
    • If the user is grabbing a building block, releasing the trigger will leave it in its current location.

Level Difficulty

There are only four levels in this build and the difficulty increases quite a lot from level to level.

However, with unlimited building blocks, all levels are definitely beatable if you put time to it. (Rough estimation: 30 mins)

Some screenshots for your inspiration:

Time Taken to Build This Project

8 hours