Super Map Ball

by tangrams

Demo game using Tangram Unity

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Tangram Unity


Tools for using Mapzen vector tiles in the Unity engine. The repository contains the assets and main plugin to design and generate a map region to be used in your Unity scene.


  1. Create a Mapzen API Key
  2. Open the Unity plugin project
  3. Drag and drop Assets/Mapzen.prefab in a Unity scene
  4. Create a new style to selectively generate and filter data for your map region: Assets > Create > Mapzen > Style
  5. Start authoring the style by adding filters to select map layers and associate them with materials
  6. Select the game object Mapzen
    • Add your API key created in 1.
    • Reference the newly created style asset in Feature styling
    • Give a a region name
    • Hit the Download button


  • Terrain support
  • Tile streaming
  • Map data access from game objects