Darkest Dungeon Unity

by Reinisch

Darkest Dungeon port in Unity. Almost completely identical to the original. Platforms: PC/Android.

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alt link Darkest Dungeon port in Unity engine with multiplayer.
Almost completely identical to the original game.
All audio and graphic assets are ignored!

Project status


  • [X] Estate management
  • [X] All heroes/monsters
  • [X] All combat effects/statuses
  • [X] Dungeon/quest generation
  • [X] Town events
  • [X] Inventory, all items, curios
  • [X] All plot quest maps
  • [X] Narration
  • [X] Simple Multiplayer

Not implemented:

  • [ ] Some minor animations and effects
  • [ ] Tutorial
  • [ ] Menu options

Probably next:

  • [ ] Better UI for Android/iOS