Unity Camera Toolbox

by agent-reed

WIP camera collection

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CamKit 🎥

A collection of MonoBehaviours that can be applied to Unity cameras to do useful things. Each tool comes with a very detailed and illustrated descriptions of usage and tuning.

General Usage

The procedure for adding any of these tools, is simply to attach the desired tool script to the main camera in your Unity scene. CamKit tools should always be extremely easy to test, tweak, and use.

Multiple Cameras

There are likely to be issues or uexpected behaviours with multiple cameras. I haven't addressed these yet, but will soon.

Conflicting Tools

Most of these tools can be used in combination with eachother on a single Unity Camera. See details for each tool for caveats, or refer to the list of Conflicting CamKit Tools


I welcome any unique and/or functional addition to the project. CamKit is a work in progress. Please see the Contribution Guidlines before submitting a PR.


Contributors to CamKit are listed at the top of each Tool's usage description


This project is licensed under the MIT License ⚖