Bandit Dungeon

by Unity-Technologies

Demo project using multi-armed bandit algorithm

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Bandit Dungeon Demo

Simple Unity project demonstrating multi-armed bandit algorithm.

In-game Settings

  • Bandit Type - Stateless bandit contains only a single set of chests. Contextual bandit contains three sets of chests, each denoted by a different room color.
  • Difficulty - How great the difference between the optimally rewarding chest and the other chests.
  • Bandit Arms - How many chests are in each room.
  • Begin Optimistic - Whether to initialize the agent's value estimates with high values (active) or low values (inactive).
  • Agent Speed - How quickly the agent takes actions. Increase speed to learn faster. Decrease speed to more easily visualize.
  • Agent Confidence - How narrow the probability distribution over actions is. Increasing this causes the agent to more frequently pick only chests with a high estimated value. Descreasing this causes the agent to pick chests more uniformly.