Unity3d Indoor Example

by Estimote

Example of how to use Estimote Indoor Location in Unity 3D

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Estimote Indoor Location + Unity 3D example

An example Unity 3D project to demonstrate how to use Estimote Indoor Location with Unity.

Getting started

This repo includes submodules. Clone with git clone --recursive, or run git submodule update --init before use.

Now, just:

  1. Open the project in Unity.
  2. Open the IndoorTest.cs file, and replace the placeholder App ID and App Token with your Estimote Cloud credentials, and Location Identifier with the identifier of your location.
  3. Switch to iOS or Android platform in Build Settings.
  4. Build and Run!

If you need help getting started with Estimote Indoor Location itself, refer to Estimote Developer Portal:


Contact & feedback

Let us know your thoughts and feedback on forums.estimote.com.