Simple Ai And Configurable Controlls .

by mgvirga

SImple game with AI and configurable controlls made with Unity. Enemy character and playable character downloaded from mixamo. Gun, terrain, and tree assets downloaded from Unity asset store.

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Game Controls To play this game the player moves with the WASD Keys. The player can look around with the mouse. The player can press mouse1 to shoot. Mouse 1 shoots one of two spheres. The larger sphere does 20 damage to the enemy while the smaller sphere does 10 damage. If the sphere is shot off into the sky it will disappear in 5 seconds. If the sphere hits the enemy or the environment it will disappear as well. If the F1 key is pressed then the UI opens up. This menu not only freezes gameplay but allows the player to customize controls. Players can input any letter button for movement. If profile 2 is selected than players movement changes. Players can move with the TGFH keys as well as look around with the up, down, left, and right arrow keys. The player has a health GuI so that when the enemy makes contact with the player the player takes 5 damage. This is shown with the player health. If health is less than 100 then player's health will regenerate by 2 which will be reflected by the health GUI. If the player collides with the enemy than this timer will be reset. The enemy has a health GUI as well that reflects damage. If the escape button is pressed in the built file the game closes out.