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A mobile application for learning English using the Google Cardboard platform.

Unity 2019.2.15f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 17 days agoCreated on July 23rd, 2020
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Controls Descriptions
Alt + Mouse Move The Camera
Left Mouse Button Interact With Objects
2 x Left Mouse Button Play Animations

A mobile application for learning English using the Google Cardboard platform.

The subject of the work done is to create a 3D mobile application for learning English based on objects and animations prepared by hand. The application uses virtual reality technology using the Google Cardboard platform for proper operation.

Wizualizacja użytkownika

Modele obiektów w środowisku Blender

For integration with the Google platform, the CardboardMain object was added as part of the Google Cardboard Software Development Kit. It is a plug-in tool available for free to support developers in their work on applications using Google Cardboard. This object contains two cameras responsible for the left and right eyes of the user and a cursor that takes the form of a red point that the user has his eyes on and is always in the center of both cameras.

Interfejs graficzny programu unity 3D

After the user selects the object and calls the PointerEnter function, the name of the item is displayed in English, after calling the PointerClick function where the name of the object was previously, it is replaced with an English sentence using the name of the user-specified object as the main subject.

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