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Algunos tips para el editor de Unity3D. Creación, serialización y uso de algunos componentes para mejorar el inspector de nuestros scritps.

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Custom Inspector Unity

Documentation I have collected to improve Unity inspectors.


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Screenshot of Example

The example above was created Custom Inspector. Check it out at unity.doc.

About The Project

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This project contains information on how to serialize editor variables and use them in a new custom inspector. From adding a CustomEditor attribute, to obtaining the object as an instance to access its properties. Representations of base and specific types, along with buttons, lists and other things.

How To Use

  • Init — Clone the repository in the location you want. Open the project with Unity and create a scene. Search Database/AlineacionDatabase and and look at the inspector.
git clone


You can download the latest installable version of CustomInspectorUnity.


The project is now maintained by Moon Antonio.

Moon Antonio


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