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Games in 2D developed using Unity C# for Android and PC/Linux.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 8 days agoCreated on May 10th, 2020
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Game Development - Unity 2D Games

Some adventures of a begginer game dev in Unity C#;

1 - Ninja Run (Android)

A 2D Endless Run game was my first choice to learn about game development in Unity. I had a lot of fun implementing and testing this game, and had a great feedback from users. The main objective is to survive the maximum waves possible, using escape and survivor strategies. Developed for Android devices.

OBS: Characters’s sprites are from fans of the anime Naruto. Due to copyright settings, only scripts will be available in the repository.


  • Parallax Effect on scenario;
  • Moving obstacles and enemies;
  • High Score, Main Menu and Game Over Screen.

Game Overview:

Main Menu Gameplay Scene Game Over Screen

2 - Platform Level-Based Game (PC/Mac/Linux)

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