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My space simulator unity game

Unknown VersionBoost Software License 1.0Updated 4 days agoCreated on April 22nd, 2020
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This project has been abandoned - I’m currently working on a newer and much more complicated version

I had a few ideas for this project but I couldn’t go forward with them. The code in this project does not allow for a lot of modifications or calculations but I think it still is a good basis for a how generating a star system should be. This project was made in Unity 5 and includes a Star and StarSystem class and random generation of a star system with randomly chosen star prefabs. The star systems tend to spawn within each other and there are only 3-4 types of planets. You can switch between top camera and first person camera and even scroll to zoom into the view while in top camera. The first person movement is too smooth which makes it hard to stop moving(supposed to resemble real movement in space but ended up just being annoying). I will make my newer project’s repository public when I feel like I’ve at least added the basics there and will include a link to the repository here.


A one man made video game, current plan is to be able to explore different planets in first person and control various star systems in a top view like in a 4X game.


  • Have different randomly generated space factions and make it so the player can have different relations with each factions or even with each region of the faction’s control.
  • Make it so the player can carry items and sell to dealers, maybe even invent some sort of a space drug that the player can sell for a big profit but is contraband and so he’ll have to hide it(and if so - make it so there is some kind of a police force that checks inventories and maybe even a jail area if the player is caught).
  • Make it so the planets spin around the center point of the star system.
  • Have a ton of different planet types, if possible - make the planet types randomly generated.
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