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3D Platformer game build in unity using C#. Rocket theme gam

Unity 2018.4.19f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 3 days agoCreated on August 1st, 2020
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Rocket Madness

Link to my game: Rocket Madness


Main Menu Screen
the game started

Main Menu Screen rocket thrusting

Main Menu Screen next level


Rocket Madness is 3D Platformer game where we can drive the rocket and become skillful pilot. The game is quite challenging, you may fail at the first try at certain level. But once you play again and again, you will get the feel of driving this crazy rocket and environment’s obstacles


This game have 6 main Level, each level gain difficulty and its unique obstacles. To control the rocket, simply use these 3 key buttons:

  1. Space : use this key to thrust
  2. A: use this key to rotate left
  3. DL use this key to rotate right

Tip to play this game: just DON’T CRASH! If at certain level you crash everything but landing pad and launch pad, your rocket will die and restart the level from 1 again 😃)

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