Rhythm Pong by Blackoutburst - 1


This is a pong visualisation with two bots play against each other following the rhythm of a song

Unity 2019.4.1f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 272 days agoCreated on July 4th, 2020
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Rhythm Pong

This projet is a remake of my old Rhythm Pong created in July 2019.

This version is made with Unity in C# and this is my firt Unity project.

Download Latest release

You can download the lastest release here. Extract the zip file, then run R Pong Unity Edition.exe You will need a good computer to run it smoothly

This is not a game but a simple visual experiment, the improvement made between this version and the old Java / LWJGL one are :

  • Visual improvement (Better shader, better particles effect, ball trail, …).
  • Physics improvement, now the ball can’t go through player and cause some song desync.
  • New component like the middle gravity making the ball curve.
  • Better ghost ball calcul
  • Player now unable to score point
  • New sprite

How to build

Clone this project and open it with Unity and use the Unity build feature to test it on your computer You will need a good computer to run it smoothly



Visual differences :

New version New version

Old version Old version

Special credits

Song used inside this project GetSix - Sky Fracture ❤️

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