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Provides an easy implementation of object pooling in a Unity project. Useful for any 3d/2d/AR/VR project.

Unity 2019.4.3f1MIT LicenseUpdated 32 days agoCreated on August 18th, 2020
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Instantiating and Destroying objects in the scene during runtine is expensive in terms of memory management. Object pooling is a solution to this problem which allows us to save memory and improve performance.

How does it work?

  1. All objects are loaded into a pool “once” during initialization
  2. These objects can then be retrieved from the pool when required
  3. And returned back to the pool when not required

Advantage: Using this approach allows us to completely abandon calling Instantiate and Destroy funcations during runtime.

How to use:

  1. Attach the EasyPool.cs script to any gameobject in the scene (it’s a singleton, but still, just ensure there is only one instance in the scene to avoid any odd scenario).
  2. Add the prefabs of your choice in the PrefabsToPool list.
  3. Mention the pool size (default size is 25).
  4. Check Randomise if you want to retrive objects at rondom from the pool. If unchecked, the objects will be obtained sequentialy similar to a Queue.
  5. To retrive, Call EasyPool.Instance.GetObj() in any other scipt where you need to load objects.

Note: The game object obtained in the above step is disabled by default, enable it by calling the SetActive() function on it.

  1. To return, Call EasyPool.Instance.ReturnObj(obj) where obj is the object you no longer need.

That’s it!

The “EasyPoolExample” scene inside the Scenes folder shows the implementation with an ExampleSpawn.cs script included for your assistance.

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