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A Destiny like UI/Menu system controlled by a virtual pointer.

Unity 2020.1.2f1MIT LicenseUpdated 151 days agoCreated on August 19th, 2020
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Virtual Pointer - V1.3.0

A Destiny(game) like virtual pointer system that interacts with the UI/Canvas.

example gif example gif


Just add https://github.com/RenanDresch/UnityVirtualPointer.git#upm to your package manager (add package from git url) and wait a little bit!

installation installation


You can check on how to implement the Virtual Pointer by importing the Sample within the package! sample


1 -> Remove the Standalone Input Module if you have one active in your scene


2 -> Add a pointer (image or whatever) to your canvas hierarchy, add a Virtual Pointer component to it, and don’t forget to set the anchor to the bottom left of your canvas


3 -> Now you just have to move the pointer around, check the pointer controller within the example


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