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A small Unity game for showcasing the breathing input

Unity 2020.1.4f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 109 days agoCreated on August 17th, 2020
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Breathing Game

This is a prototype and showcase game.

A small game that uses a player’s breath as a additional input. Uses an arduino that prints the temperature of the breath to the serial port (see: ArduinoTemperature)


As a thief the player has to collect all crystals/gems in the level and find the exit to proceed to the next level, while avoiding enemies. Enemies can be alerted by the soundwaves created by the breath of the player.


  • A and D for movement
  • W and SPACE for jumping
  • E for interaction
  • MOUSE2 (right click) for sending a soundwave (Used for debugging and when you don’t have an arduino and a temperature sensor laying around 😄)

Screenshots & Gifs

Image-MainMenu Image-Guard running towards player Image-Level goal GIF-Guard_kills player GIF-Wizard kills player GIF-Wizard noticed breath and kills player GIF-Guard noticed breath, player not in his sight GIF-Hiding from wizard in chest GIF-Wizard noticed breath, player hides in chest

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