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VR game centered around "force pulling".

Unity 2019.4.8f1GNU General Public License v3.0Updated 219 days agoCreated on August 24th, 2020
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Try, Catch, Throw


A VR game made in Unity for a school project, where you are a magician protecting a castle from trebuchets.
You “force pull” incoming bombs and throwing them back at enemies.
You can also buy more powerful explosives and magical items yourself to throw into the field.

Other Info

Made with an Oculus Rift, for Oculus Quest.

Please message me if you plan on taking something from this project, so that I can feel useful and important.

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  • Force pull “gravity glove style”
    • aim, lock, grab, pull, object flies toward you, release hand, grab again when object reaches you
    • Inspired by Half Life: Alyx
  • Assisted, physically-correct, VR throwing
  • Physics based controllers
    • Hands not pass through wall
  • Immersive heavy objects
    • Hands move slower when holding heavier objects
    • Rewards player for imagining themselves holding heavy objects
      • If controllers move too quickly, ingame hands have less force
      • If controllers move at realistic speed, ingame hands have more force
  • Procedurally generated enemy waves

Game Proposal


These screenshots are taken inside the Unity editor. I don’t currently own a VR headset. Screenshot Day Screenshot Evening Screenshot Night

More Info

The game was suppose to be programming themed, hence the name. But then I changed theme midway to loy-poly + medieval.

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