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This is a WIP (and is yet still at an early stage of development) Spore like planet generator. It is intended as a demo for a nodal procedural texture generator.

This generator is based on a fork of ricardo mendez’s libnoise port in unity and Siccity’s Xnode project to provide an editor interface as well as a node’s behavior foundation.

The following papers were used : http://www.twandegraaf.nl/Art/Documents/Procedural planets into detail, Twan de Graaf 2012.pdf


Sebastian Lague’s videos about procedural landmasses and planets where used for the mesh generation.


To work with this repository you will need :


Since this project is still a work in progress a lot of the code is subject to a deep refactoring in the upcoming commits.

Main scene

There are two important scenes at the moment :

  • PlanetTester It is mainly a quick way to test a planet using only a RGB splatmap (remember to alway tick the texture’s “Read/write” checkbox).
  • SolarSytemTest It is the main scene that you can try here. It generate a complete set of planets.

Planet profile

It is a Scriptable Object that contains all the data needed for the planet generation such as the libnoise graph used or the ground/water material.

Planet graph

It is a Xnode graph that contain the logic for the texture generation like the amount of generator / combiners / … and how they combine their output.

Pull requests soon welcome as the code base is still subject to changes.

feel free to email me at lo.rivemale@gmail.com if you have any question or feedback !

Next updates

The next commits will contain :

  • A completely independant repository for the planet generation tool
  • a character controller to move on the planet
  • improved shaders (shader graphs)
  • a rich environment (with asteroids, clouds and perhaps events happening in the solar system)
  • more complex planets (with use of perlin / voronoi / … blend and other libnoise modules)

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