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There are different data produced by Automated Guided Vehicle exist. Using Augmented Reality, these datas are visualized over real environment that AGV is exist on.

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In this project, augmented reality application was develop for autonomous vehicles operating in smart factory environments. In practice, it is aimed to show the path in the real environment with an augmented reality application in the direction of the task that assigned to the vehicle. Additionaly, sensor information that taken from vehicles such as instant location, speed, laser sensor and charge percentage were show at same screen on the app.

System design architecture is shown below:

ROS (Robot Operating System) installed on the vehicle will be used to communicate the system with the autonomous carrier vehicle. ROS, which will act as an intermediate layer, instantly publishes sensor data and provides communication in the system. The application will be carried out with the real carrier robot and other media components in the Smart Factory and Robotic Laboratory IFARLAB and preliminary tests will be carried out in the Gazebo simulation environment. This study will facilitate the verification or monitoring of the data. It is also aimed to make a contribution in terms of safety as the people around can see the route while the vehicle is in motion.

System software architecture is shown below:

There are two different perspective that enable us to see object that represented data of AGV on real environment. The first one is AGV own camera and second one is the AR app’ camera. This app performing on simulation and real environment. When the application is running, it is possible to switch between each other at the same time. During the initial process of development cycle of this app, simulation environment was used for test. With the end of development process, real environment that has its own components (AGV,server etc.) was used.

The real and simulation environments are shown below:

Both of perspectives shown the same data on the screen. On the top of left, location, speed and charge percentage are shown with black font. Laser sensor data is shown with orange circle throughout to path. The path plan which is AGV will going is shown orange lines over the floor.

The screenshots taken by the mobile phone which the application is installed are shown below:

The screenshots taken by the real environment and AGV are shown below:

It is enable to access all test video with given url addresses:

Used Technology

  • ROS (Robot operating system) : for the communication and data transport
  • ROS-Web-Bridge : share ROS packets on local network
  • Unity & Vuforia : for the Augmented Reality app
  • Python : used for ROS side
  • C# : used for Unity side
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