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Unity Procedural Animation System

Unity 2018.3.6f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 7 days agoCreated on August 30th, 2020
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Project: Multimodal Affective Pedagogical Agents for Different Types of Learners

Faculty: Nicoletta Adamo, Purdue (PI), Richard E. Mayer, UCSB (co-PI), Bedrich Benes, Purdue (co-PI)

Sponsor: NSF - IIS - Cyberlearning, award # 1821894 (2018-2021), Purdue Instructional Innovation Grant (2018- 2020)

Project Overview

Goal: To create a fully procedural animated character



  1. State-machine based pose interpolation system

  2. IK arm and leg, and other high level joint controls

  3. Automated facial expression and features like lip-sync, eye gaze, eye blink

  4. Speech anaylsis and beat detection

  5. BML controlled procedural animation

Components and Parameters:

  1. Body Gesture
  • [pose index] Destination body pose
  • [speed] Animation Speed
  • [blend] Duration of animtion transition
  1. Facial Expression
  • [emotion] Range from four types of emotion (angry, sad, happy, bored)
  • [strength] Strength of Emotion
  1. Hand Pose
  • [side] Left or Right Side of the hand
  • [shape] Shape of the hand (relaxed, holding fist, pointing)
  1. Foot Status
  • [status] Lock to the ground / Float / Procedural stepping



[Final IK]

[Salsa Suite]

[Mecanim Control]

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