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Is a 2 player video game using Unity. The goal is for both bird player to work together to win the game by shooting all the drones in each level.

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Kaylyn Egyarto

Add at least 2 physics constructs (beyond what the Asgn 2 did); one the constructs must implement collisions. 1) boxCollider on the walls: Before the bird could go through the walls but now the boxCollider hit the bird back from going through by the walls. 2)added a rigid body and capsule collider: to spot light before the light stayed stationary but now the light moves when it is hit on the wall spot.(the light bright circle lights on the floor and walls move when they are hit by an object) This enhances the game users experience because it appears you are moving more seem like the game revolves around the user because the lights in the room react to when you hit into them. Add at least 1 billboard with textures to your level (beyond what the Asgn 2 did)

  1. added a billboard that shows the controls for the user to enter to be able to play the game Add at least 2 lights to your level (beyond what the Asgn 2 did); one of the lights should be colored according to your design, and should be stationary.
  2. added one light that turns is colored blue and moves if collided
  3. added a second orange/yellow light that is after main memory level that is stationary Add at least 2 forms of sound to your level (beyond what the Asgn 2 did); sounds must be triggered by player actions
  4. added bird chirping when you hit a,s,d, and w
  5. added a shooting noise when the bird shoot bullets.


Formal Elements: Players: Up to 2 players are allowed and required to play, uniform roles, players have to cooperate with each other to win. Objectives: Capture, players have to destroy all drones to win. Drones can be destroyed by opposite colored bird. Red bird can destroy blue drones, blue bird can destroy red drones. Procedures: Use WASD to move to bird. Use mouse to look towards a direction. Mouse-Left-Click to shoot bullets. Rules: Need 2 players to play. Players have to work together to destroy all drones to win. Resources: Birds use bullets (Left-Click) to destroy drones. Conflict: Need to destroy the drones in every level in order to open the doors for each level. Boundaries: Walls surrounding the playable area. Outcome: Players have to cooperate with each other to destroy the drones to open the doors and get to the end of the computer system.

Unusual procedure/rule: The bird speed is increased each time you pass through a level. The drones are color-specific, meaning that the red bird can only destroy the blue drones, and the blue bird can only destroy the red drones.

We followed the game theme by having our player model as a bird, and the birds are in a computer system. The computer system have levels; Main Memory, L3, L2, L1, and CPU. We also have computer drones, which are our obstacles and targets, and the birds have to destroy those to pass through the level.

Executive Summary: Assignment 2 is a multiplayer networking focused game for Windows Users targeted at boys and girls between 10 and 16 who are learning about computer architecture.

Sources: drone shape door end game wall drone (close up) city view far away the walls for first level the floor entire arena bird drone unity networking basics implement camera networking

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