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An easy way to switch your font in the Unity Editor

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Unity-Fontswitcher License http://stupidplusplus.com

Comic sans FINALLY!!!

First off…

What is this?

Unity by default supports two fonts: Inter and Verdana.

This project attempts to finally allow users to hotswap fonts at their will.

This is what it looks like:

Image of the UI

(this menu can be found at “Window/Switch Fonts”)


Consolas (Default Visual Studio font)

Image of consolas

Fira Code (Popular open source coding font)

Image of firacode

Kenney Mini (Popular game asset font)

Image of kenney mini

Comic Mono (Monospaced obligatory font meme)

Image of comic mono


This project uses some code based on nukadelic’s EditorFontSize.cs.

Fonts included in this project:


Fira Code

Kenney Mini

Comic Mono

Future plans

Right now the user still has to select and apply their font of preference. Preferably some way must be found to automatically apply the user’s selected font when the editor starts.

Last but not least…

I hope you’ll have fun playing with this. Peace out✌🏻!

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