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An interactive way for your Twitch Followers whatch your streams

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An interactive way for your Twitch Followers watch your streams.

This git is the raw version of my PTwich project that I solved to share with you guys 😃

If you guys have any feedback about the code - It architecture, performance, etc - I’ll be glad to read them in my email pedropereralourenco@gmail.com.

TwitchLib by swiftyspiffy

For the entire interaction with Twitch services, the TwitchLib library, from swiftyspiffy, was used. My thanks to them for facilitating the realization of this project

TwitchLib: https://github.com/TwitchLib.

contact: swiftyspiffy@gmail.com.

The Backend


You can modify the entire Backend source code as you want in TwitchChat_bckEnd/.

In the Backend is where the registration of all activities sent by users in the chat happens. The program must save all of these events within a json file located in the path defined in Program.cs.

public const string CredentialsJsonPath;

note: The json file is automatically created when you save all the definitions of PTwich settings in Unity Engine. Just click at the gear icon located on the top right corner of the screen.

The Json file will look like this
    "UserName": "",
    "AccessToken": "",
    "Connected": false,
    "ReadMessages": false,
    "Followers": []

The Frontend

All the visual stuff, such as login authentication and chat visualization happens in the Unity Project. The project can be found in TwitchChat/.

Setup Dev and Standalone Path

The frontend needs to receive the same json file path location, so it can collect all information and display them on the screen.

For that, you will need to define it in the Login Authorization screen, just click at the gear icon and set the values. No file name needs to be added, only the path where it will be loaded.

note: There will be two ways where you can save the json file. One is for when you are testing in Unity Engine (DEV), and the other is when you build the project.

Get the authorization Token

In the login section, you will need to fill the credentials to get started. In the username section, you will put your twitch channel name and right bellow, in the access token section, insert the authorization token where you can get it by accessing this link.


PTwitch is a free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

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