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Lightweight Unity Extension for allowing Headers and GameObject info inside the Hierarchy Window

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Hierarchy Decorator

Unity editor extension adding requirements the hierarchy is missing.
Fully Customizable. Fully Editable.

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Hierarchy Decorator is an extension for Unity 2018.4 and higher to support custom drawing within the Hierarchy window, and add extra information functionality. This provides easier and helpful structure to the Hierarchy without getting overly noisy or messy.

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ReleasesUnity PackageZip

HierarchyDecorator can also be installed directly through the git url


You can also install it via upm

openupm add com.wooshii.hierarchydecorator

You can also install this via git by adding the following to your manifest.json

"com.wooshii.hierarchydecorator" : "https://github.com/WooshiiDev/HierarchyDecorator.git"

Net 4.0 is required to use this. This can be turned on in the Player Settings.


Currently, this is what Hierarchy Decorator does have

Hierarchy Decorator Other Hierachy Extensions
Light/Dark Mode Support ✔️ ✔️
Custom Headers/Seperators ✔️ ✔️
Toggleable Settings ✔️ ✔️
Custom Component Icons ✔️ ✔️
Unity Component Icons ✔️
GameObject Layer Selector ✔️

These are currently future additions planned

Hierarchy Decorator Other Hierachy Extensions
Hierarchy Breadcrumbs Planned ✔️
Custom Instance Icon Planned ✔️
More styling rules Planned ✔️
Rule-based Styling Planned



There is a scriptable object that is required for hierarchy decorator to run. If it is deleted, another will be created in the base of your asset folder in Assets/HierarchyDecorator/. These settings are also accessible from the Preference window.

All settings enabled and disabled will reflect the Hierarchy instantly.

General Settings

This section will contain all the general enabling/disabling of features and systems. In the future this may be redesigned or structured differently depending on the catergories required.

Global settings


The Prefix tab controls the design of the headers and seperators for the hierarchy. Settings are seperate for light and dark mode, to provide convenience and accessibility.

Prefix Settings

Component Icons

To provide selection and custom choice over what components will display in the inspector, here all icons that exist in your current version will appear in their specified catergories. Toggling the icons on or off will display them in the hierarchy on the right side, and you can also add your own MonoBehaviours for custom scripts.

Component/Icon Settings


Please submit any queries, bugs or issues, to the Issues page on this repository. All feedback is appreciated as it not just helps myself find problems I didn’t otherwise see, but also helps improve the project.

A GitHub Project Board for this project also exists showing all current progress and backlog information.

Reach out to me or see my other work through:

HierarchyDecorator will be and always has been developed in my free time, and there are many more features I’d like to include. If you would to support me, you can do so below:

PayPal ko-fi

Development will be continued with this and will forever stay public and free.

Copyright © 2020-2021 Damian Slocombe

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