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Automation Testing Framework for XR(Unity) Applications.

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Automation Testing Framework for AR(Unity) Applications.

About Arium:

Arium is an automation testing framework for 3D applications built on top of Unity. It helps the Developers/QA to run functional tests on 3D apps on any platforms. ie., Unity Editor,Android,UWP etc…

Arium comes with the basic Unity interactions:

  • Animator
  • DragHandler
  • PointerClickHandler
  • PointerEnterHandler
  • PointerExitHandler
  • RigidBody


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Arium - An Automation framework for Unity/XR


  1. Download Arium Unity Package
  2. Open your Unity project which needs to be automated.
  3. Double click on the downloaded Unity package.
  4. Select all and click on Import Button.

Running Sample Test cases:

  1. Open UnitySampleScene in the project hierarchy - Samples >> AriumSample >> Scenes >> UnitySampleScene.
  2. Open Unity Build settings - File >> Build Settings
  3. Click on Add Open Scenes. Note: Make sure the UnitySampleScene is selected
  4. Close Unity build settings window
  5. Open TestRunner window in Unity - Window >> General >> TestRunner.
  6. Expand the Arium hierarchy in the Test Runner - Arium >> AriumSampleTests.dll >> Samples >> AriumSample >> UnityTestRunner
  7. Select PlayMode Tests and Right click on UnityTestRunner and Click on RUN.
  8. Test Cases will start executing and results will be displayed on the TestRunner.

Arium Usage:

Instantiate Arium:

To use Arium framework, Arium should be instantiated inside the test class as mentioned below


Arium _arium = new Arium();

Find GameObjects:

To find a Gameobject from the Unity Scene hierarchy using its name.


String - Name of the Gameobject.
Return type:


To retrieve the components attached to a GameObject


_arium.GetComponent<Name of the component here>(Name of the GameObject here)
String - Name of the Gameobject.
UnityComponent - UnityComponent type
Return type:


To interact with the UnityGameobjects on runtime.


To click on a particular gameobject.

_arium.PerformAction(new UnityPointerClick(), "Name of the gameobject here");
Intercation - Type of the interaction need to performed on a gameobject, in this case it is UnityPointerClick()
String - Name of the Gameobject.

Class Diagram

Class Diagram

Contribution to Arium:

To contribute to Arium, follow the steps contributor

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