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BareBone-Pokémon Framework with Unity/Bolt Scripting (not __FOR__ Unity -- Important Distinction) by Herbert Milhomme

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BareBone Pokemon Framework With Bolt Scripting

This a BAREBONE Pokemon Unity with no demo, sprite, texture, maps, and etc. Just FRAMEWORK with pokemon logic and Bolt Scripting. Will keep this update as Herbert Hilhomme update the Pokemon Unity Framework. This has a empty database so you need to maunal add whole the database. If you don’t want bolt scripts then you should go this repo

Known Bug

  • Encounter scripts error (Just move the scripts out and it will resolve the error)
  • Pokemon stats (Health and Level)
  • other fews bugs


Pokémon Framework is a framework written in C-Sharp and designed to be built on top of, as a foundation and key component in any Pokémon remake or emulator. Because the project is so loosely coupled from any frontend component, it allows for the project to easily migrate between any engine or platform that’s C# compatible (i.e. Unity3d, Websites/ASP.Net, or even commandline console, as a text based Pokémon battle simulator).

This contains a C# port of Pokémon Essentials (extension package for RPG Maker MV, which is written in Ruby), that I authored myself. Since Ruby follows similar object-oriented coding structures, it’s easy to mirror the code to function the same (with very few and minor differences). Docs for Pokémon Essentials

I have changed so much of the original Pokémon Unity code on the backend that this project runs and functions more like pokemon essentials, but with pokemon unity assets on frontend as a wrapper. I swapped out all of the data from Pokemon Essentials to use Veekun’s Database, which is more expansive (more detailed, regularyly kept up-to-date, and formatted for database queries by default.

To summarize, this project rewrites Pokemon Essentials logic to implement Pokemon mechanics, using Veekun’s Pokedex which rips data directly from Nintendo’s Pokemon game, as foundation for Pokemon Framework. The game’s text will be locally translated, through crowdsourcing that i’ve personally configured and setup on my own private webserver, which will return xml packages that can be downloaded and used as localized scripts by source. Then using GameFramework for Unity as a template, i will integrate the base Pokemon Framework to overwrite the template data to run like a Pokemon game, while feeding the behavior into the Pokemon Unity assets as final render and output (game .exe compile). If you have any experience with Pokemon Essentials, but with a perference for Unity or C#, then this is the project for you. End users are still required to have an aptitude or interest in hardwork. As in, this project isnt making a game for you, or shipping you with a completed game to enjoy and experience; this is a FRAMEWORK you still have to put in effort to make your own “game” (and why the source codes are being uploaded and not a link to an .exe download).

Please be aware that some features in this branch are incomplete (the features in the test-project branch is being tracked and monitored by the build status). I strongly recommend that you use the master branch as a base rather than the test-project branch. This branch is entirely experimental and contains wild erratic ideas, which has possibility of breaking your fangame or other project that is based on this code.

Please report any bugs if found.

This project is NOT affiliated with Pokemon Essentials, Project Veekun, GameFramework, nor Pokemon Unity (I was one of the core devs, and branched out into my own unique project).

Project Design

Kind of going to repeat myself here, but this is important to note. This project that utilizes Unity3d Game Developer Engine, as its’ visual and front-end interface for end user, has been written designed in a way that the backend logic and mechanic is SEPARATE from everything a user SEES and HEARS (General User Experience; the visuals, audio, and how they interact with the code, to make it do things). I would like to advice developers and users of project source code to reference this youtube video for context.

Because the backend and frontend are decoupled, that means that there is no unity libraries mixed in with any of the pokemon logic or mechanics. Because unity is a frontend component, it is set aside to keep separation of responsibilities intact. Since the two bubbles are defined by their own constraints, developers can easily Unit Test the backend code using standard unit testing practices; and unit test unity design, using Unity’s built-in unit test function.

Coding Standards


All of the global enums are stored in a single directory, so that they’re easily accessible across the project. Anything that ends in an “S” is most likely an Enum. PokemonUnity.Pokemons is an enum of Pokemon. (It will list all the individual pokemons in pokedex with their given IDs).


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