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Top-down 2D RPG where the player has to solve puzzles and collect items to escape an abandoned school. Made using Unity.

Unity 5.6.4f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 17 days agoCreated on May 24th, 2019
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A 2D top-down RPG where the player has to solve puzzles in order to escape an abandoned school. This is my final project for Game Design.


Three students decide to investigate an abandoned school. When discovered by a ghost who haunts the school, the player is caught and sent to detention. The player must then explore rooms and solve puzzles to collect items that will help them escape. The player can go to other rooms by opening and clicking on locations on the map. Includes a cake minigame where the player must put together ingredients to bake certain kinds of cake, a mock AP test with trivia about the school, and a final boss fight. If the player is defeated by the final boss, they are sent back to detention and must start over without any of the previously collected items.

Sample Gameplay:

Example of the room that the player sees and the colliders within that room.

How to Play

You can download and play the game by downloading the zip file Extract the files to a folder. The detention_Data folder and the detention.exe need to be in the same folder in order to run. Run the executable.


Features 6 unique pixel art rooms made first using Piskel and turned into tilemaps using Tiled.

Three minigames

  • Cake minigame: Make different kinds of cake by dragging specific ingredients to a bowl and combining them
  • Mock test: Quiz-style minigame where the player has to answer trivia questions about the school from four options
  • Boss fight: Defeat the boss before she can touch the player

All sprites and tilemaps made for this minigame can be found on my Piskel.


In the future, I would like to improve some of the elements of this game:

  1. Fix the map and traveling function to support different screen resolutions, as well make the UI button triggers more consistent.
  2. Add more walking and running animations for supporting characters.
  3. Make the UI in the test minigame more aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Add a short Atari-style or spaceshooter type minigame.
  5. Include more and improved interaction with NPCs. More dialogue options, quest UI, and potential minigame where the player has to avoid enemies other than the boss fight.
  6. Improved boss fight. Some object colliders could be fixed to make the boss more consistent and more difficult for the player to avoid.
  7. Make the game less punishing and more intuitive. The boss fight causes the player to lose all items (although it does warn them if they are not ready to continue) and some of the word puzzles can be hard to find and interact with, leading to some players only finding the boss fight and immediately dying.


Concept by “MASA Studios” during Game Design 2019.
Project lead, programming, and pixel art: Samantha Prestrelski
Programming, animation, and audio: Meilong Zhang
Art, characters, writing: Audrey Chan
Writing: Alfred Quan

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