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Unity Stylisation and Retrofication tool.

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Stylisation on demand.

First off…

What is this?

Colorboy is a small collection of image effects that allow for easy stylisation of your projects in Unity.

How do I use Colorboy?

Simply import the UnityPackage from the releases tab and add one of the components onto your camera.

The components.


For changing color palettes.

The Colorboy component


For changing resolutions.

The Blurryboy component


Space demo Japan demo Mac demo Berlin demo


Play the Colorboy demo on


Colorboy shader and Blurryboy based on Retro Suite 3D.

Dither Shader shader based on Kino Binary and Ompuco’s dithering shader.

Future plans

I really enjoyed working on this project, especially since, being a programmer, I am not that great at creating great visuals for games. This tool really simplified making stuff look good for me. I will definitely keep working on it into the future.

Last but not least…

I hope you’ll have fun playing with this. Peace out✌🏻!

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