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Package for Unity that helps with mobile games development

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FazApp Framework is a package for Unity that helps with mobile games development for Android (and iOS in the future). It is mainly used for hyper casual, free to play games.


  • Preconfigured mobile services like:
    • Admob - AdManager handles ad loading, displaying, and rewarding player (with Rewarded video ads)
    • Firebase - simple data collection with events from Analytics. Configured Cloud Messaging for remote notifications from console and RemoteConfig - for showing own interstitial ads (with own games for example)
    • Local Notifications with 24, 48, 72 hour fire times and 96 hours repeatable notifcation
  • Configuration tool with often used options from editor and quick services setup. Everything is saved to JSON file in Assets folder Configurator
  • Dependency Injection that uses Autofac. You can simply add types to register as dependencies before Framework initialization and resolve registered objects (for example AdManager for displaying ads)
  • MVVM (in progress) - provides good UI architecture. Simply derive from View and ViewModel classes with data binding functionality (or right click in Project window -> Create -> Scripts -> ViewViewModel and use provided tool for creating these files)
  • Own Event System for easy tracking and blocking events. Each GameEvent knows sender and can have additional data
  • MonoBehaviour is replaced with MainBehaviour - for adding some default functionality (like checking SerializedFields or injecting components)
  • Few additional Attributes, Extensions and small editor tools to speed up developmnent - also in progress


This package requires:

  • Autofac
  • Admob
  • Firebase Analytics, Messaging and Remote Config
  • Unity Local Notifications

I hope that Admob will be soon published as package in Package Manager so I can simply add it as dependecy in my package.json file (for now Firebase and Local Notifications are added like that). It will make framework installation much easier.


  • Facebook service integration
  • Something for sharing our game (maybe Facebook SDK)
  • UI - my goal is to provide tool for fast UI creation, probably with premade prefabs like Buttons, Texts and few ready to use panels like Rate Us window or Own Interstital
  • make a good and usefull packege for Unity
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