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Prototype for Presenting System Notifications on AR Glasses

Unity 2019.2.17f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 108 days agoCreated on January 2nd, 2020
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The modern world is currently moving towards the digitalization in all the spheres of life. New devices are being created in order to ease the routine tasks and give people a little bit more time and freedom. One of the steps in the direction of the digital future is the creation of the AR and VR applications and the gadgets to support them. Although, the technologies have shown a significant growth in their simplicity and convenience of use, there are still a lot of problems the development teams have to think about. Every day people receive massive amounts of information in the form of notifications via different channels. One of them is through the phones and tablets. That is why those creators, who would like to keep up with the times, should carefully think about the way of storing and showing these data to the users to prevent ruining the main activity. Although, some work has already been done in that field, there are still a lot of questions which should be solved properly.

The goal of the work is to design and develop a prototype for presenting system notifications on AR Glasses. The prototype is a part of the research work which helps to understand where and in what form, in terms of the degree of interruption of the main activity and reaction speed, it is best to display notifications for different contexts: standing, walking, and sitting at a table. Also, the best way to display notifications in the “Do Not Disturb mode” to minimize irritation and maximize the speed of reaction to subjectively notable events is being analyzed. The created prototype consists of 5 selected design alternatives and automates the experiment which will be conducted to find the answers. The experiment itself is not a part of this work. During the experiment different AR notification designs are being compared with the help of the invited participants. The results of the work are presented in form of the design guideline of notifications presentation and the prototype for presenting system notifications on AR Glasses.

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