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Our submission for 2020 Game Jam. A Unity2D platformer.

Unity 2020.1.1f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 15 days agoCreated on September 15th, 2020
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A Unity2D prototype platformer made for the 2020 Game Jam. It was also the first Unity game I made, so Cristi helped a lot.

The jam

  • It was a 3-days long game jam.
  • The theme was “You only have 5 minutes!”.
  • There were 72 teams in total that participated and raised 40.710 RON through donations from partner companies and people that watched the stream where the games were played.

How we made it

  1. Given 3-days we had to build something fast and easy with challenging gameplay.
  2. The theme was pretty rigid and we had to come up with gameplay that could be a challenge for up to 5 minutes.
  3. We came up with the idea to make a 2D stealth platformer. Kitsune is actually the word for Fox in Japanese and is meant to be slick and tricky.
  4. Not knowing exactly how hard it was to implement a grappling hook that works with Rigidbody, and it being one of the core mechanics, it took us too much, so we scrapped the idea.
  5. Because of point 4 we had to rush changing placeholders in the level to actual sprites. Lesson learned, scrap bad ideas faster.
  6. After the jam, Cristian changed most of the sprites and the level too.
  7. We used Unity’s Collaborate for version control, after the jam I found out you can export the git commit history to Github.

The team

  • Alen Memenduf - programmed player and simple enemy path, level design, managed camera.
  • Cristian Rosiu - programmed player and enemies’ detection mechanic, UI menu, drawn the player sprite.

The items written above were the main focus of each of us. It was a team’s work so the game design, play-testing, choosing assets, and overall decisions were done together.


All rights reserved by Alen Memenduf and Cristian Rosiu.

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