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Unity 2019.3.6f1MIT LicenseUpdated 71 days agoCreated on September 18th, 2020
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CelerXUnity-Android Game: Rocket Ride

This project is a Unity project which integrate CelerX game SDK.

Install Unity

Unity Version: 2019.3.6f1

Install Unity Modules In Unity Hub:

Unity Hub -> Install-> Add Modules -> Android Build Support(With Android SDK & NDK and open JDK) -> iOS Build Support

Image Install Modules


  • Unity (game engine)
  • Visual Studio (IDE)
  • C# (logic)
  • optional: Android Studio

Import CelerX Android Plugin

The plugin is used to generate Android project without additional Android coding work.

There are two parts:

  1. Copy these Android-related files into Unity assets folder Assets/Plugins/Android
  • AndroidManifest.xml
  • build.gradle
  • launcherBuild.gradle
  • unityLibraryBuild.gradle
  1. Import CelerX Editor Script


├── Assets
|   └── CelerX       - Generate Android project with CelerX SDK
|       └── Editor   - CelerX C# APIs  

Integrate CelerX APIs (C#)


Give a welcome scene in your game. Call launchCelerXUI API in welcome scene script while start game button be triggered.

onPlayerJoinedMatch(MatchInfo mathInfo)

This callback will be run after the player has been matched from CelerX server. Developers can get any match informations from parameter MatchInfo , such as players’ information and sharedRandomSeed. Developers should do UI rendering in this function body.


If game has been loaded and game rendering was finished, developers must call ready function to confirm game can be start, then CelerX will show a ready button in match view for player.

public void onPlayerJoinedMatch(MatchInfo matchInfo) {

        //render game scene with match information

        // notify celerx 

onMatchReadyToStart(MatchInfo matchInfo)

This method will be called when “Ready” button has been clicked and CelerX has confirmed that everything is ready, It indicates that game can start now. Users will see your game scene here. Put your game start logics here.


When the game is over, call this API to submit final score to CelerX platform

Sequence Diagram

participant Player
participant WS as Welcome Scene(Unity)
participant UC as CelerX(C Sharp)
participant GB as CelerX(Android)
participant MG as MainGame Scene(Unity)

Player->>WS: start game app
WS ->> UC: click start button
Note over UC: launchCelerXUI()
UC ->> GB: 
Note over GB: show game buckets

Player->>GB: click play game button
Note over GB: start match

Note over GB: onPlayerJoinedMatch
GB -->> UC: onPlayerJoinedMatch(MatchInfo)
Note over UC: onMatchJoined()

UC -->> WS: CelerXMatchListener onMatchJoin
Note over WS: render game ui

WS ->> UC: game load finish
Note over UC: ready()

UC ->> GB: ready
Note over GB: show ready button

Player ->> GB: click ready button
Note over GB: confirm ready status

GB -->> UC: onMatchReadyToStart(MatchInfo)
Note over UC: onMatchReadyToStart()

GB->>MG: start game
Note over MG: game started

Run your Game on Android device

Unity, File -> Build and Run

Unity has interated gradle plugin for exporting Android apk, just make sure Android Support has beed installed in your Unity Hub.

For further modification or customization of your Android project, you can export Android project folder with File -> Build settings -> Android -> Export , then import project with Android Studio

Image Export Android

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