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A custom replication of the Chrome's Dino offline game on Android using Unity 2D

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 38 days agoCreated on September 18th, 2020
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A custom replication of the Chrome’s Dino offline game on Android using Unity 2D.


Installation (TL;DR)

If you’re not interested in setting up the Assets in your Unity 2D Project, and just want to install the final apk on your Android device; the apk is present here for download.

Setup in Unity 2D

(tested on 2019.4.7f1)

  • Create a new 2D Project in the Unity Editor.

  • Download Android Build Support as an add-on. If the download fails for some reason, download the SDK through Android Studio and the NDK through here.

  • After you enter your project, make sure to change build target to Android.

  • Replace the Assets folder of your project with mine.

  • Before buiding your project, note the following settings:

    • In Player Settings, modify the orientation to Landscape Left.
    • Change the Scripting Backend parameter to IL2CPP, this helps to enable us the ARM64 in the Target Architecture.
    • Finally build your project to generate the APK.
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