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A Unity/C# game program that generates a multicursal maze for the player to navigate. The program also generates a CPU that uses breadth-first search to traverse the maze. The program functions as a multiplayer competitive game where the player has to traverse the maze faster than their opponent (either a CPU or a human). This program was completed in late 2018 for a school project.

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Multicursal Maze with Breadth-First CPU

A program in C# that generates mutlicursal mazes and a CPU that traverses the maze via the breadth-first search algorithm.

The program was created for UK OCR secondary-school computer science coursework. The documentation in the repository is a prototype of the document I sent for marking however. The program may also barely work, given the level of knowledge I had when I programmed it.

I do recall succesfully creating the maze and creating a CPU that solves the maze nine out of ten times. The primary issue that I had with the CPU was that it could not succesfully backtrack whenever it had multiple pathways that led to a deadend.

Feel free to message me on LinkedIn if you want any advice or guidance regarding the OCR Computer Science A-Level coursework. I got 63/70 if I recall correctly.


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