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A Unity 3D editor window to invoke methods, observe values and change them on editor play mode.

Unity 2019.4.10f1MIT LicenseUpdated 32 days agoCreated on September 21st, 2020
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Unity Observer

Observer Editor Window

An editor window to invoke methods, observe values and change them on editor play mode.


  • Should work with Unity 2018.3 or later
  • Works with both Dark and Light themes


There are 2 ways to install the package

  1. You can install via git url by adding this entry in your manifest.json https://github.com/excalith/unity-observer.git#upm
  2. You can clone or download this repository and add the Assets/Observer folder into your projects Assets folder.


  • You can open Observer window through Window > Tools > Observer
  • Requires Excalith.Observer namespace
Function Argument 1 Argument 2 Argument 3
Observer.Log string Category string DisplayName object Object
Observer.Value string Category string DisplayName object Object
Observer.Button string Category string DisplayName object Object
Observer.Header string Category string DisplayName string Title
Observer.Seperator string Category

Log Method

Registers a value to watch over. To update values, call corresponding function again.

Observer.Log("Log Examples", "String Value", "Test String");
Observer.Log("Log Examples", "Boolean Value", true);
Observer.Log("Log Examples", "Int Value", 150);
Observer.Log("Log Examples", "Float Value", 1.50f);
Observer.Log("Log Examples", "Double Value", 1.50);
Observer.Log("Log Examples", "Vector2 Value", new Vector2(2,2));
Observer.Log("Log Examples", "Vector3 Value", new Vector3(2, 2, 2));
Observer.Log("Log Examples", "Color Value", new Color(128, 128, 128));
Observer.Log("Log Examples", "Enum Value", MyEnum.MyValue);

Value Method

FYI: This should be only used within editor for testing purposes Registers a value and allows you to update it through editor. Unsupported objects will be shown as “Unsupported Type”.

// Boolean Example
Observer.Value("Update Examples", "Boolean Type", m_BoolTest, (object val) =>
    m_BoolTest = (bool)val;

// String Example
Observer.Value("Update Examples", "String Type", m_StringTest, (object val) =>
    m_StringTest = (string)val;

// Integer Example
Observer.Value("Update Examples", "Integer Type", m_IntTest, (object val) =>
    m_IntTest = (int)val;

// Float Example
Observer.Value("Update Examples", "Float Type", m_FloatTest, (object val) =>
    m_FloatTest = (float)val;

// Double Example
Observer.Value("Update Examples", "Double Type", m_DoubleTest, (object val) =>
    m_DoubleTest = (double)val;

// Vector2 Example
Observer.Value("Update Examples", "Vector2 Type", m_Vec2Test, (object val) =>
    m_Vec2Test = (Vector2)val;

// Vector3 Example
Observer.Value("Update Examples", "Vector3 Type", m_Vec3Test, (object val) =>
    m_Vec3Test = (Vector3)val;

// Color Example
Observer.Value("Update Examples", "Color Type", m_ColorTest, (object val) =>
    m_ColorTest = (Color)val;

// Enum Example
Observer.Value("Update Examples", "Enum Type", m_EnumTest, (object val) =>
    m_EnumTest = (ObserverEntryType)val;

Button Method

Registers a button and invokes given function

Observer.Button("Button Examples", "Function Call Button", TestFunction);
Observer.Button("Button Examples", "Anonymous Call Button", () =>
    Debug.Log("Hello, World!");

Header Method

Creates a space with a title

Observer.Header("Update Examples", "Header Example");

Seperator Method

Creates an empty space

Observer.Seperator("Update Examples");


Please feel free to contribute!

  • Create issues for both issues and feature requests
  • Create pull requests to develop for anything listed in issues
    • Please use prefixes such as Add, Fix, Update etc. before your commit message
    • Please be brief about your commit message


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details.

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