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Unity project about genetically selected neural networks.

Unity 2019.4.9f1GNU General Public License v3.0Updated 9 days agoCreated on September 25th, 2020
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Genetic Neural Network

Unity project about genetically selected neural networks

GIFs because why not

NN1 First Generation

NN2 5 minutes later

NN3 10 minutes later

NN4 30 minutes later

What is this project

Made on free time, it is an experimentation on Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. Long story short: The little guys “evolve” to navigate the map

How to use it?

Download Unity and clone/download the repo and open the project! You’ll see a single scene that can be used as is or changed. It contains the following:

  • SCRIPTS: General information and options to control the Population.
    • On the context menu, an option “Build” can be found, to create the desired scenarion, as selected on Map Number
    • Pause - If you want to pause the simulation at the end of every generation, to check on progress or individual creatures
    • Load save file - Loads a specific save file. Creatures will be copied based on the NN saved on the file of this index (-1 cancels this option)
    • Save on better fitness - If a creature achieves a better fitness than the one saved on this save file SaveFiles[MapNumber], their NN will be saved
    • Input, hidden and output nodes - Shouldn’t be changed, will be hidden by a new PopulationEditor soon
    • Creature mutation rate - Chance of each creature to be mutated, when creating a new generation (ignored on the first generation)
    • Connection mutation rate - Chance of each node to be mutated, if the creature was selected as per above
    • Mutation amount - How much the value of the node will be mutated
    • Procreation percentage - How many of a new generation should be created from clonning, instead of randomly
    • Randomize starting height - If the starting height of the creatures should be random
    • Starting height - Used if the above condition is false
    • Number of creatures - Used both to create creatures and maps
    • Creature original - Acts as a prefab, but should be left on the scene and will be deactivated on play
    • Map number - Defines both the map to be built by the context menu and the save file to be used when saving
  • Creature Original: Acts as a prefab and can be changed to fit your needs. Do not delete.
  • Maze Parent: Parent object for the maps/obstacles/mazes to keep things organized
  • Creatures Parent: Parent object for the creatures to keep things organized


I will be updating this for easy of usage and clarity when possible. Making it easily costumizable and simple to use are the goals, so it can be used in a variety of different games and experiments.

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